If you want to sleep at the camp-on-site then you have to make your reservation through us. For every other option you'll have to make your own reservations and take care of the payment at the hotel!


Bring your own tent and set it up on 1 of the fields on-site.
€6 per person per night. 600 spots available.
Bring your own tent, sleeping bag and something to sleep on.
Address : Polderstraat 78, 8310 Brugge

You can only sleep at the camp-on-site on Thursday, Friday and/or Saturday-night. You CANNOT sleep there on Sunday night !

All info on this page


Check out this page on the website of the city about sleeping in a camper: click here

Own reservations

Of course you don’t have to book anything through us. You can make your own reservations if you like.

Some possible addresses :

Youth-Hotel Europa

Youth-hotel just outside the centre at 3.4 km from the fields. www
Address : Baron Ruzettelaan 143, 8310 Brugge (+32 50 352679)

Hotel Bauhaus

Hotel just inside the centre at 1.5 km from the fields. www
Address : Langestraat 133-137, 8000 Brugge (+32 50 341093)

Resort ’Aan de plas’

Hotel at 5km from the fields. www
Address : Blankenbergsedijk 75, 8000 Brugge (+32 50 450050)

Camping Memling

Camping outside the centre at 2.7 km from the fields. www
Address : Veltemweg 109, 8310 Brugge (+32 503558 45)

Other hotels

Click here