Tom's Tourn-E 2020

Boris had a chat with Ravi & Liam on May 1st

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TT19 Aftermovie

Here's the aftermovie of Tom's Tourney 2019!

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TT19 Footage

The games on field 1 were livestreamed by Ulti.TV on Saturday May 4th & Sunday May 5th 2019. 

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TT19 Eurozone recap

Ravi and Liam discuss the results of Tom's Tourney 2019

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TT19 Photos

All photo's by Stefan Laporte

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TT19 Eurozone preview

Ravi and Liam are discussing the teams playing at Tom's Tourney 2019

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TT18 Aftermovie

Our friends from Get Horizontal made this great aftermovie

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TT18 Eurozone recap

Ravi and Lorcan are back with another episode of EuroZone. They discuss the results of Tom’s Tourney

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TT18 Footage from Fanseat

The games on field 1 and 2 were live streamed by Fanseat on Saturday & Sunday.

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